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Fall Fun for Everyone!

Mole's Harvest Moon - Judi Abbot

In Mole's Harvest Moon by Judi Abbot, six woodland friends are planning a harvest feast.  Mole offers to host the feast at his house in the hill.  Duck, Dog and Mole decide that they will remain at Mole's house to begin the feast preparations.

Bear, Rabbit and Mouse set out to the Whispering Woods to retrieve the necessary ingredients.  Mole reminds his friends that they can find their way back to his house by following the light of the harvest moon.  Waving goodbye, they set out on their quest.

As the sky begins to grow dark, Mouse notices that they are being followed by three mysterious shadows.  Will the trio be able to make it out of the woods?  And will the harvest moon really show them the way home?

This book is a true delight!  The illustrations are vivid and fun and capture the true essence of my favorite season, fall.  Children ages 3-8 will love this story of friendship, fall and fun!