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Missing the Magic

PUPS - The Case Of The Loathsome Lunches: (The Adventures Of A Third Grade Werewolf) (PUPS - The Adventures Of A Third Grade Werewolf) (Volume 2) - Mr R Jackson-Lawrence

In Pups #2 The Case of the Loathsome Lunches by R. Jackson-Lawrence, we are reunited with our favorite crime solving werewolves: Jessica, Kiera, Hannah, William and Oliver. While at their Monday assembly at school, they are introduced to the new school cook, Oliver James.


Mrs. Taylor informs the students that they will now be receiving free gourmet meals prepared especially for them by the Cockney Cook himself.

The children could not be more excited when their eyes beheld the wondrous sights that were to be their lunch. Pizzas, burgers, ice cream, cake and other delectable delights covered the table. Plates were piled high and some students even went back for seconds!

However, the next day at school, Jessica noticed that her classmates were acting very strangely. They were all raising their hands and correctly answering every question that Mrs. Haversham asked! Not to mention the fact that everyone remains silent at recess.

Oliver soon discovers that the other students are beginning to look the same. They are wearing their hair and clothes the same way, walking the same way and talking in unison. What is going on?

Could there be something in the new food causing their classmates to act like robots? And why aren’t Jessica, Kiera, Hannah, William and Oliver being affected? It is up to these wily werewolves to solve the mystery and save their classmates.

While I greatly enjoyed the first Pups book, I was somewhat disappointed with the second installment. I did not find the plot as gripping as felt that the established werewolf characters were a bit flat. Additionally, I found numerous grammatically errors and repetitions phrases.

The silver lining comes in form of an unexpected plot twist that turns into a second mystery which remains unsolved. My interest is definitely piqued and I am curious to see what the next book in the series has to offer.