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A Must Read for Dog Lovers

Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance - Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Muñoz

This children's book tells the tale (no pun intended)of Audie. She was one of the 40 Pitbulls rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. While Audie was no longer forced to fight, she still faced a battle. The one for her life.

Rescuing the dogs was just the beginning. Most of the dogs, like Audie, had severe emotional problems due to the horrid conditions that they faced. These dogs were scared of humans as well as other dogs. However, if the dogs cannot learn to trust the humans that rescued them, their lives may soon be ended as they will be deemed "unadoptable."

I read this book when I took my Therapy Dog to visit a local Kids' Club. The children were enthralled with Audie. They could not believe that someone would actually make dogs fight, let alone a famous football player. And they loved all of the beautiful pictures.

This book is a heartwarming read that is sure to be loved by children and adults of all ages.