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Amazing Book Series

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging - Louise Rennison

This book had me laughing by page 2. Louise Rennison knows how to tell a fantastic story with relatable characters and plots.

I found that I had a great deal in common with Ms. Georgia Nicholson. Her akward pre-teen phase reminded me very much of my own. I was taken back to when I first started wearing make-up and lip gloss in the hopes of impressing a boy.

I also love how Louise depicts the crazy that is Georgia's family. I was quickly reminded of my own "special" family members and some of the hilarious moments that we have shared. I think everyone can relate to the angst that Georgia feels when she is embarrassed by her parents.

Perhaps, the main reason why I love this book series is because Ms. Rennison always leaves you hanging, craving the next book. I can remember eagerly watching my calendar with the release date of the next book circled on my calendar. And the glossy of words that Ms. Rennison has created is not only helpful, it is hilarious!

This series is one of my top favorites and I know it will be one of yours, too.