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Nightsong: A New Classic

Nightsong - Ari Berk, Loren Long

POILER ALERT: The full plot of "Nightsong" will be revealed.

"Nightsong" is a fantastic story about a young bat who learns how to see the world around him.

Chiro (cheer-o)is called by his mother and told that the time has come for him to go out into the world. He is very afraid, but, his mother tells him to use "good sense." Confused, Chiro asks what this means.

"Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you. Sing, and the world will answer. That is how you'll see," she informs him.

With this, his mother lets him go and Chiro flies out into the night. Shadows loom everywhere and Chiro is having a hard time seeing the path the he is supposed to take. That is when Chiro begins to sing.

As Chiro sings, the world around him becomes visible. He is able to see things that he has never seen before, such as a flock of flying geese. Chiro manages to find the pond that his mother has instructed him to eat at.

But, Chiro desires to see more. He flies higher than ever and discovers truly amazing sights. As the sun begins to rise, Chiro realizes that he needs to head back home. He returns to his mother tired, but, happy for the new knowledge that he has gained. Now, Chiro has found his nightsong that will continue to help him see the world.

This book is absolutely stunning! What a wonderful way to explain echolocation to children (and adults). I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Chiro's world become clearer as he sang and the "world sang back."

The illustrations of Loren Long are absolutely breathtaking. And Chiro is so adorable! I hope that a plush version is in the works. This book will make a wonderful addition to any collection and will simply delight both young and old.