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Cat Night Book Review

Cat Nights - Jane Manning

Cat Nights by Jane Manning tells the enchanting tale of a witch named Felicity.  She has just celebrated her 263rd birthday.  This means that she now has the ability to change herself into a cat!

After her first transformation, Felicity starts to notice how different the world is through a cat's eyes.  She can see better, run faster and smell things she has never smelled before.  Being a cat is amazing!

Every night, Felicity experiences something new in her cat form.  But, her fun comes at a price.  She is only allowed to turn herself into a cat eight times.  On the ninth time, she will not be able to turn back into a witch, but will remain a cat forever!

In an effort to curb her kitty cravings, her loving aunts cast a spell over Felicity to diminish her desire for the life of a cat.  But does their spell do more harm than good?  Will Felicity ever be able to change into a cat again?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story.  The layout of the book is wonderful and the illustrations are fantastic.  One truly feels as if they are out on a moonlight ramble with Felicity in the cool fall air.  Children of all ages will love this non-spooky Halloween tale for years to come.