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Praise for Pups

PUPS - The Case Of The Horrifying Headmaster: (The Adventures Of A Third Grade Werewolf) (PUPS - The Adventures Of A Third Grade Werewolf Book 1) - Robert Jackson-Lawrence

The Case of the Horrifying Headmaster is the debut book in the Pups series, which follows the adventures of five children…who just happen to be werewolves!

We are introduced to Jessica, an eight year old girl who is disappointed about having to move to a different town. More importantly, she is worried about her new school. What if her fellow classmates discover her secret?

Once a month, on the night of the full moon, Jessica turns into a werewolf. Not the type that you see in scary movies. But a friendly werewolf who loves to run through parks chasing rabbits.

Her father has discovered the perfect place for her moonlight runs: Swanholme Park. However, on Jessica’s first night in the park, she hears the howling of other wolves! Struck with fear, Jessica cannot decide if she should try to meet the wolves or head back home to her safe bed.

Meanwhile, there is a mysterious new headmaster at Sunny Brook Academy: Mr. Alucard. Jessica has noticed that he looks very pale and tries to avoid sunlight at all costs. Plus, children that have been called into Mr. Alucard’s office have ended up disappearing from school for weeks!

Can Jessica help solve the mystery while keeping her secret hidden?

The Case of the Horrifying Headmaster is an intriguing tale of mystery and fantasy. Young readers will enjoy the creative characters and page turning plot.