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I love to blog!  This blog will be mostly dedicated to the art of writing.  I also have two additional blogs:  More Than Words on Blogspot.com that deals with every topic under the sun and Theuerkauf's Tails on Blogspot.com that pertains to my crazy life as a mother to 7 fur babies.


I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!  I would love to connect with you!

Success in Failure

After recently discovering that the literary agency I have been working with is actually a type of “scam,” my hopes of becoming a successful author have begun to dwindle.  It appears that I have been “taken” by vanity publishers on a previous writing endeavor.  Thankfully, I was able to break the fresh contract that I had signed with another such publishing company that is marauding around as a legitimate.


I am used to getting rejection e-mails and letters.  Honestly, each rejection just gives me more fuel for my dream.  Instead of letting the canned “not the right fit for our agency” comments get to me, I think, “One day my book will be successful and I will be able to  laugh at each agency that rejected me.”


I am understanding more and more just how subjective the world of writing and publishing is.  This can be the only reason why a book about a farting dog can get published while my tripod dog’s incredible adoption story is repeatedly told it “is not marketable.”  But, I press on because I believe in Penny’s story.  I also believe in the message that it carries.  Everyone that hears Penny’s story is simply amazed and they always want to know more about her deformities.


In the midst of having a particularly bad day at work, I received yet another rejection letter.  At the top was the same mechanical response as every other letter.  But, that is when I noticed the handwritten portion at the bottom of the page.


“While your story is engaging, we do not feel it is right for us at this time.”


I was thrilled.  My husband thought I was crazy.  He couldn’t understand why I would be happy about a literary agency not accepting my work.


The point wasn’t that I was not receiving representation.  The point is that this literary agency specifically took the time to tell me that my story is “engaging.”  Being the author of the story and so close to its’ subject, I can tend to be blind to the quality of the work.  Perhaps, I think I am telling the story in the best possible way because I am Penny’s “mom” when in fact, I could be missing something.  I had even begun to think that people simply aren’t interested in Penny’s story.


However, this simple comment gave me more confidence in my writing ability and rekindled the passion that I have for this project.  Readers are connecting with the characters that I have created.  To me, that is everything.  One of the main reasons that I love to write is that I love being able to connect with people.  Many readers of my Blogspot blog have told me that I am “talented” and “inspirational.”  One such reader stated:  “I wish that I could express myself half as well as you do.”  I feel truly honored by these compliments and am blessed to be able to verbalized complex emotions and feelings through writing. 


In my heart, I know that Priceless Penny is a story that needs to be told.  My lofty goal of using the story to help end puppy mills and backyard breeding is something that I will never give up on.  And I have learned that even through rejection comes acceptance and a glimmer of hope that keeps me pressing on.