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The Silver Slippers [With Silver Ballet Slippers Charm on a Chain] - Elizabeth Koda-Callan This is yet another book that was a staple in my childhood. I remember my parents presenting this book to me after one of my very early dance recitals. And I hardly put the book down and wore the ballet slipper necklace every day!

"The Silver Slippers" is the story of a young girl who cannot seem to find her balance in her dance class. She is eager to twirl across the floor like the other girls, but is still a bit clumsy. Until one day, her mother presents her with a necklace that contains two tiny silver ballet slippers. While wearing the necklace, the girl begins to feel more confident and starts to see herself for what she truly is: a talented ballerina.

Not only is the story heartwarming, but this book would be a wonderful gift to present to the young dancer in your life. I know it surly left an impact on me!