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Precious Papillon

Papillon, Book 1 The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon - A.N. Kang

The Very Fluffy Kitty Papillon by A.N. Kang tells the fanciful tail of Papillon, the kitty who is so fluffy that he floats away.  His loving owner, Miss Tilly, is constantly worried that Papillon will float away and be lost forever.  She tries to weigh him down by feeding him fattening foods.  Nothing worked...until she noticed the bowl that had once contained spaghetti setting on his head.

This gives Miss Tilly a wonderful idea.  She will make clothes for Papillon!  Miss Tilly starts with a few simple outfits, but soon gets carried away with intricate costumes.  One day, Papillon decides that he has had enough of wearing clothes.  Miss Tilly tried her best to reason with him without success.

Feeling defeated, Miss Tilly heads to the market.  Papillon is enjoying his high floating freedom when he notices a bird sitting on the window sill.  He floats over to have a look...and follows the bird right out the window!

Papillon did his best to follow his new feathered friend, but he soon finds himself lost.  Will Papillon ever be able to find his way back to Miss Tilly?

I absolutely loved this story!  A.N. Kang's illustrations are simplistic but adorably irresistible.  My favorite set of illustrations can be found on page 10.  Papillon looks ridiculously cute in his numerous costumes.  The shark costume is hilarious!  The expression on Papillon's face reminds me of Grumpy Cat.

I also like how Kang subtly introduces the reader to Papillon's new friend from the beginning of the story.  If the reader looks carefully, he/she will find this friend on every other page in the book.  This would make an excellent discovery game for children.

This is a wonderful story for children of all ages.  I believe that old and young alike will delight in the fun and humorous illustrations.