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A New Children's Classic

Simon's New Bed - Christian Trimmer, Melissa van der Paardt

Simon has a problem.  His human has just given him a brand new bed.  The only thing standing in the way of Simon enjoying his gift?  Miss Adora Belle, the cat.

This fickle feline has decided to claim the bed as her own.  Simon makes numerous attempts to move Miss Adora Belle back where she belongs, but to no avail.  Exhausted and upset, Simon realizes that there is only one option left.  Will he be able to swallow his pride and make the ultimate sacrifice?

Simon's New Bed by Christian Trimmer is now one of my favorite children's books.  Trimmer's story is filled with humor and heart.  Being the proud fur mom to five rescue dogs and two rescue cats, I can definitely relate to Simon!  Melissa van der Paardt's illustrations are gorgeous.  

Adults and children alike will fall in love with Simon and Miss Adora Belle.  I especially loved all of Simon's facial expressions.  Melissa truly captures Simon's emotional turmoil.  I also loved how the text of the story changed in position and size based upon the character's actions in the illustrations.  Furthermore, I found the mini prequel at the beginning of the book to be clever and intriguing.  Readers of all ages will greatly enjoy this book.