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Dog Lovers, Rejoyce!

I Love Dogs! - Sue Stainton, Bob Staake

Prepare yourself to be bombarded by pooches of all kinds in "I Love Dogs!" by Sue Stainton.  A little boy proceeds to tell the reader about all of the different types of dogs that he likes...which is quite literally EVERY kind of dog.  The boy then takes the reader on a delightful (and colorful) journey through the world of canines as he heads to the local pet store to adopt a pup of his own.

Bob Staake does an amazing job of creating a whimsical world within his illustrations.  His colorful cast of canines will delight readers of all ages.  I especially enjoyed the dogs that were drawn to look like their owners.

Being the proud pet parent of five rescue dogs, I love the theme of adoption that runs subtlety through out the book.  I can also relate to the different types of dogs that are featured in the story (especially the crazy ones!).  Most importantly, I love that the little boy loves ALL dogs.  He is not searching for a purebred or discriminating against Pit Bulls.  He simply loves every dog that he meets.

With powerful life lessons and a cast of unforgettable characters, "I Love Dogs!" is sure to be a classic that will dazzle readers (and animal lovers) of all ages.