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Theo Sniffs Again!

Theo At the Beach - Jaclyn Crupi, Aurelia Verdoux

Theo embarks on yet another adventure to try to find his sense of smell in "Theo at the Beach" by Jacklyn Crupi.  Forgetful Theo has misplaced his sense of smell but is pretty sure that he will find it...at the beach!  In his quest, Theo encounters many new sights and smells.  He soon finds himself entangled by the very items that should be waking up his nose.  Will Theo's snout ever sniff again?

I absolutely love the illustrations by Aurelia Verdoux.  Theo is an adorable character that is sure to charm readers of all ages.  The characters that Theo meets along his quest are very comical as well as imaginative.  However, I was disappointed to discover that there are only three scents to find in this book.  With Theo being at the beach, I thought of numerous scents that could have been included.  I believe that this would have made the story more memorable and more fun to read.

I do feel that the story could have been longer as there is much more to explore at the beach than what was written.  Overall, this is a delightful read for the emergent reader.  I am intrigued to see where Theo's nose will take him next!