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A Truly Moving Tale

A Rainbow Bridge for Gus: A Story about the Loss of a Pet - Barbara Bareis Rigabar, Chris Sharp

A Rainbow Bridge for Gus by Barbara Bareis Rigabar is a touching tale of love and loss.  While out on a bike ride with her dad, Gracie sees a rainbow in the sky.  She immediately thinks of her dog, Gus, who passed away.

Gracie's dad stops the bike at one of Gus' favorite spots:  the park.  While there, the pair remember all of the wonderful memories that they have of their beloved pooch.  Her dad then explains why Gus crossed over the Rainbow Bridge into heaven.

Gracie knows that Gus will always be in her heart and that someday, they will be reunited once again.  Until that day, she will be reminded of their bond every time she sees a rainbow.

I greatly enjoyed reading this book.  The illustrations are whimsical and sure to be adored by children of all ages.
Rigabar masterfully writes about the delicate subject of death in a way that will educate, not frighten.  Through her story, she encourages children to share their feelings of sadness, but to also remember the joyful times.  There is even a special section at the end of the book in which children are encouraged to write their own story about a pet that they have lost.

This book is a must read for animal lovers and anyone who has ever dealt with the loss of a pet.  I believe that young and old alike will relate to Rigabar's message that love transcends mortality and lasts forever.