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A New Halloween Adventure

Hedgehug's Halloween - Benn Sutton, Dan Pinto

Hedghug's Halloween by Benn Sutton tells the tail of a loveable hedgehog in search of a Halloween costume.  Hedgehug is preparing to relax for the evening when his friend, Hannah, pays him a visit.  He cannot figure out why she is dressed up as a cowgirl.

Hannah reminds Hedgehug that it is the night of the biggest Halloween party in the entire forest. Having completely forgotten, Hedgehug begins the frantic search for a costume. But things don't go exactly as planned.  Will Hedgehug be able to find the perfect costume in time for the party?

I really enjoyed reading this book.  The illustrations were simplistic, yet adorable.  However, I do wish that the story would have been a slightly longer.  I feel that the resolution to Hedgehug's problem was a bit rushed and unexplained.  Overall, I believe that children ages 3-9 will love following Hedgehug on his Halloween adventure.